Happy Homes and Other Pictures

Satine and Victoria

Satine with her new Mom and sisters!

Jaon and Larry Arnim with purple 1-22-14

Joan and Larry with “purple”, now Molly, from Piper’s 2013 litter



Blue going home with Van Rossens 2-11-14

¬†Clint and Isabelle with “blue”, now Button, from Piper’s 2013 litter







Piper in big hair

orange  2

Merla puppy


Icey out of Navy

Navy and Zelda puppy

Punkin8  2-14-12



Gamble as a baby- King's Champagne Taste X Merla

Ch. Calliope’s Champagne Gamble as a baby-
King’s Champagne Taste X Merla




Prancer learning agility with Abby
She’s a Gabriel and Merla puppy